Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adopt a Precious Fur Ball to Keep You Company

May 31st is THIS Sunday.

The ECC is the Empty Cage Collective. Don't forget it. That's ECC. It will save you from loneliness and depravity. Give these kitties love and they will give it back.


PS9 Pet Supplies

169 N. 9th St. Btwn Bedford & Driggs

Brooklyn (L Train - Bedford Ave. Stop)

Call 718.486.6465

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Man U and Barqs

Call it ironic. These games that nations carry arms.
Stampedes of violence over sport. Play it.
Pools of blood are being poured over broken nations.
Excellence is entertainment. Entertainment is entertainment.
I call this day, the one after yesterday, the next day after we salute you, ironic.

If it's red sox, sawx, or hoosiers I give it all up as extra.
Unnecessary. Frill.

Erect a lonely memorial for you, the unknown, on this day after yesterday,
one that remembers that entertainment is entertainment.

Shaunanigans Kid

How Much Land Does a Man Need?

How Much Land Does a Man Need?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Mousse and the Pamplemousse

The Lobster Mobster would like to invite you to view his new posts on The Mousse and the Pamplemousse.

You Rock

Where I like to Eat

I must warn you about the dangers of eating Italian food. The mafia never had an enemy like me. All Italian food is practically the same. This battle cry is falling on deaf ears.

In my younger days of cigars and yuppie dinners in Connecticut, I made a daring pronunciation: Italian is glorified Mexican. However many times you use the word savory in the same sentence, it's still just pasta and sauce. But, wait. What do we make when we're lazy. What do we turn to in the late hour when all of the stores are closed and you're out of...everything...except...pasta and sauce.

Tonight's dinner will be at Supper. Mafia get ready here comes the Lobster Mobster.

Also, I will start recommending places I've eaten and enjoyed, starting with 12th Street Bar and Grill.

black isn't 100k, it's 50c, 50m, 50y, 100k

mixtapes where did u go

Sunday, May 24, 2009

biggie on my block

This video comes on the heels of invitation to make 9/11 a holiday via facebook. Should Biggie's bday be a national holiday? Modern day hero. Hero of what. Not quite sure. Still processing. Further celebration of note: George Dubbya made a lonely hallway to commemorate black presidents in the bowels of the White House.

Andre 3000 has a cool rap on a John Legend song called Greenlight. And PS Andre rides a bike not some ballin vehicular, ultimate respect here. Where am I going with this? I like rappers cause they have style. Their voices are like a drug. You get attached to one and you can easily forget what they are saying and get stuck. Look at Aquemini, one of my favorite albums from high school. I used to listen to Da Art Of Storytellin over and over again. Why? Do you know what it's about. It's addicting. I mean "sick your duck" isn't brain science. But the story itself is heart-numbing.

I like rap that has a story. And most rappers have one.

Biggie on my block who knew. Bed stuy is not Clinton hill. But for those who dont care, I know where this bodega is. Thanks, T.A.N.

Gatorade and Vitamin Water, Nike and Adidas

Bron bron and Kobe are a funny mix. Especially because Nike and Vitamin Water sponsor both. Which means if they get into the finals and meet head-to-head it will be an advertising nightmare. And here is why.

Gatorade and Adidas are the official sponsors of the NBA. Adidas used to sponsor Kobe, and it was a no-brainer that Nike along with Jumpman would sponsor Lebron. Yeah I think you're starting to get it. Either way, these early ads are really smart. But, they may not solve an unquestionably backwards series for the two. What is most delicate about this is Lebron's desire to be the first billionaire athlete.

This paired with my deep desire to have real Brooklyn bball and for Brooklyn to represent, makes Jay-Z (the best example of billionaire for Lebron I can think of) and his part-ownership of the Nets a dream. I mean Brooklyn is where bball is strong and yet all we have are the Knicks whom I hate. It was all Hoosierville Indiana growing up with Reggie Miller being my hero. His funny looking body made me feel cool, cause I was so skinny growing up. Either way, Bron bron will make more here in NYC. Just maybe not the Garden. And he knows that. And not even China can stop that.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Style will find you

Charles Goslin will always be remembered as a master of his craft. He was also my design mentor. He said "never give up, never give in" something that you might find in a self-help book, or even tell yourself on the way to a job interview. Either way God is good. And he gave me Charlie as a teacher. He taught me many things. The foremost being that style will find you. Don't try to find it.

who is a.bracco?

Listening to Never Too Much by Luther Vandross makes this post a little easier. Never Too Much, Never Too Much, Never Too Much.


Sometimes the logo needs to be bigger. But I'm a professional. I'm not a professional "do what you ask me to do." If you ask someone to fix your stove, they come in and fix it. You don't say "oh, wait, that goes there, and that goes there". Let me design. Just. You're done. Go away.

Things are my fav

Ok. Ready. Set. Sleep

late night guitar lessons and unfinished layered pdfs

captured by an old skool hip hop album and album inconnu
delicate callouses and toucher avec les mains
eyes and unedited vino. wine. list. menu. something with a freakin price and bottle name. please.
bad waitress. rude. i can stand bad.
20x35. -8.25. -1.25. and an alcohol content of 15 points down and more than half-way blind math.
paintings of $12 cabs and goodbyes worth short words of tossed chicken pizza
how to pick a beer in 2 minutes and not offend anyone: a guide to vegan drinking
YES! Beer is a no brainer.
Wine is shallow. Short. Empty. A sports bar wine. Ehh. Good luck gourmand. C'es bon
Fresh sheets and fresh smell. and the chance for something you don't really need.
Here we go Monday. Lunedi et my reservations for long hours. Get me out of this.
Out+out damned spot. Spotless agency. Fakegency. is taken. Damn.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Google goes Galactic in its own G-Universe

What the hell else can Google get into? They own everything. They know my social security number and they've shared it with every healthcare professional on the planet. But here is why they are doing what they are doing.

Google labs develops products. Side NOTE: Thanks Robert Wong for your dick phone call the other day. These products are meant to test potential areas of growth. Brilliant. Well, here is one. Safari came out with an amazing new version. Firefox is being used by anyone that has a brain. And Opera is just a pretty name for a browser. Anything else? Nope. Here comes Chrome. Knowing Google, they will provide free services where other browsers can't. And since I'm writing on blogger, we also know that they will purchase other sites that are useful and integrate their technology. Done.

C is for Conastoga, Because when I search Wagon on Getty that's what I got

This is the third in an evening triptych. The significance of this is to find joy. When? Now. Why are there three tonight? Because photoshop was open after the second, but not after the third.

Blessed is the man that paints in threes.
His waysss are many(three to be exact).

B is for Bolivia where they speak Bolivian, Right?

Spanish is what Jimmy is learning. Bolivia is where Joe Nathan is moving. For now let's just called him Joe. Ok, got it. Let's think temporary here. Dear Things Readers, I think its important that you know the following: I don't like when people I'm close-to, move away. Just don't do it. Ok, thanks.

A is for part A

Ok, let's talk. Because I think I'm starting...Oh right. Write.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Keep everything you ever make

MOMA has a new TV spot.

If you create it.
Love it.
It's you.
It came from you.
Once it's in the world it may be ugly.
But it's you.
In the sublime there is still beauty.
Ask JWT. Oops I mean JMWT.
Ask Cornel West.
What is the funk?
It's what New York City is in right now.
Where is George Clinton?
I hope he comes back without dreds.

defense-this in the midst of a mortal enemy
one who thrusts his verbal sword in your side
this feeling hurts
this hurts
writing it hurts
why poke and feel a sore wound?
are you that bored?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ode to a dry sharpie

A sharpie is my friend,
then it dies.
What friend would die
in the middle of this.
We are making beauty,
and you choose to die?
I would like a redo.
A Lazarus from the
gehenna of ink.

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