Sunday, May 24, 2009

biggie on my block

This video comes on the heels of invitation to make 9/11 a holiday via facebook. Should Biggie's bday be a national holiday? Modern day hero. Hero of what. Not quite sure. Still processing. Further celebration of note: George Dubbya made a lonely hallway to commemorate black presidents in the bowels of the White House.

Andre 3000 has a cool rap on a John Legend song called Greenlight. And PS Andre rides a bike not some ballin vehicular, ultimate respect here. Where am I going with this? I like rappers cause they have style. Their voices are like a drug. You get attached to one and you can easily forget what they are saying and get stuck. Look at Aquemini, one of my favorite albums from high school. I used to listen to Da Art Of Storytellin over and over again. Why? Do you know what it's about. It's addicting. I mean "sick your duck" isn't brain science. But the story itself is heart-numbing.

I like rap that has a story. And most rappers have one.

Biggie on my block who knew. Bed stuy is not Clinton hill. But for those who dont care, I know where this bodega is. Thanks, T.A.N.

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