Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gatorade and Vitamin Water, Nike and Adidas

Bron bron and Kobe are a funny mix. Especially because Nike and Vitamin Water sponsor both. Which means if they get into the finals and meet head-to-head it will be an advertising nightmare. And here is why.

Gatorade and Adidas are the official sponsors of the NBA. Adidas used to sponsor Kobe, and it was a no-brainer that Nike along with Jumpman would sponsor Lebron. Yeah I think you're starting to get it. Either way, these early ads are really smart. But, they may not solve an unquestionably backwards series for the two. What is most delicate about this is Lebron's desire to be the first billionaire athlete.

This paired with my deep desire to have real Brooklyn bball and for Brooklyn to represent, makes Jay-Z (the best example of billionaire for Lebron I can think of) and his part-ownership of the Nets a dream. I mean Brooklyn is where bball is strong and yet all we have are the Knicks whom I hate. It was all Hoosierville Indiana growing up with Reggie Miller being my hero. His funny looking body made me feel cool, cause I was so skinny growing up. Either way, Bron bron will make more here in NYC. Just maybe not the Garden. And he knows that. And not even China can stop that.

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