Monday, May 18, 2009

late night guitar lessons and unfinished layered pdfs

captured by an old skool hip hop album and album inconnu
delicate callouses and toucher avec les mains
eyes and unedited vino. wine. list. menu. something with a freakin price and bottle name. please.
bad waitress. rude. i can stand bad.
20x35. -8.25. -1.25. and an alcohol content of 15 points down and more than half-way blind math.
paintings of $12 cabs and goodbyes worth short words of tossed chicken pizza
how to pick a beer in 2 minutes and not offend anyone: a guide to vegan drinking
YES! Beer is a no brainer.
Wine is shallow. Short. Empty. A sports bar wine. Ehh. Good luck gourmand. C'es bon
Fresh sheets and fresh smell. and the chance for something you don't really need.
Here we go Monday. Lunedi et my reservations for long hours. Get me out of this.
Out+out damned spot. Spotless agency. Fakegency. is taken. Damn.

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