Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Where I like to Eat

I must warn you about the dangers of eating Italian food. The mafia never had an enemy like me. All Italian food is practically the same. This battle cry is falling on deaf ears.

In my younger days of cigars and yuppie dinners in Connecticut, I made a daring pronunciation: Italian is glorified Mexican. However many times you use the word savory in the same sentence, it's still just pasta and sauce. But, wait. What do we make when we're lazy. What do we turn to in the late hour when all of the stores are closed and you're out of...everything...except...pasta and sauce.

Tonight's dinner will be at Supper. Mafia get ready here comes the Lobster Mobster.

Also, I will start recommending places I've eaten and enjoyed, starting with 12th Street Bar and Grill.


  1. what does this have to do with a neon tiger?

  2. talking about food is exotic like camels and tigers. it's also rich like flowers and dark colors. it's also a snack like nabisco crackers and subtle football helmets. and lastly this is against simplicity, grapes aren't enough. pizza isn't enough. pasta isn't enough. there you go. conceptual BS. but, there is a thinking process.


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