Thursday, June 18, 2009

10 Things I'm Depressed About

1. I own GE stock. Not GM mind you. And it keeps going down.
2. When your room is a mess. Your life is a mess. My room is a mess.
3. I get two dentists visits per year. I have not used either and it's half way through the year.
4. KINGS was cancelled. That shows was like a full feature every episode.
5. No one knows what virtuous means. Except DC Talk.
6. Obama is in secret talks with Taliban
7. Julian Schnabel has a book signing tonight with Lou Reed. I'm on the list. But I haven't read his book. Oops.

8. That my roommate's brother keeps leaving my PS2 on after watching movies.
9. Rain. That you can't play in it when you live in NYC. Dirty.
10. We don't speak in poems. How cool would that be.


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  2. good news. i was looking to records the nbc series Merlin (dont ask dont tell policy) and i saw that there was a new Kings episode on this Saturday. Probably the last...but we should have a viewing party.