Sunday, June 21, 2009

7 Things to do to Fight Off the Digital Age Taking Over Your Life by Chris Pinocchio

1. Sporadic gifting of inspiration is the only thing potent enough to salve our social and attention hungry wounds. Hopefully you are as lucky as I was to receive a small Pinocchio figure and a Chris shot glass. There's a concept there. The liar within the mug of stupidity. Drink it down!
2. A majority of kids in my generation were put on drugs by their easy-fix parents to solve their attention deficit disorder 'problems'. Don't make that mistake. Just go outside and dig in the dirt. Yes, really.
3. Our jobs make us do the same walk everyday and create a ritual-morning. One we follow. Don't forget to break out of it.

4. Watch the end of The Truman Show, and then run really fast away from your computer. I saw Philip Glass perform in Brooklyn last year, and I will never forget how amazing Powaqqatsi makes you feel. I hope you read the cool article on Paul Giamatti in the NYTimes today.

5. Get coffee. With ice.
6. And read books that make you remember that reading a book is ok. It is ok.
7. Cry. And start over.

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